Friday, October 21, 2016

JCrew: two trends in one

Happy Friday Lovelies. I hope our week was great and we are excited for the weekend..:-) Fridays and weekends are for casual styles (at least most of the time) and my post for today is about this casual style I wore a while back. I call this Jcrew top "2 for 1" because it is a combination of two trends; plaid and off-the-shoulder top. The reviews on this top were not too great on the site when it was released because a lot of people felt it had no fit and ran too large. However, It did not deter me from buying the top but I waited until it went on sale and surprisingly it was sold out in my size. I ended up getting a top two sizes larger than I normally wear and I figured I could just give it out as a gift if it doesn't fit.

Lo and behold, the fit was not too bad after all and it paired nicely with my light wash denim pants. What I am really saying from this chit-chat is that; you have to make sure you read reviews of items if you are making purchases online. You have to be informed about a product or an outfit so that you know what exactly you are paying for. Aside from comments on the piece of clothing itself, make sure you also pay attention to any comments about customer service and return policy. I for one, would never shop at a store that does not have quality products/clothing and good customer service and I'll never promote such a store or service. JCrew is a great store and I love their clothes and customer service so far including this trendy, plaid, off the shoulder top.




                                       Top: JCrew / Denim: Loft / Pumps: Forever21 (old)



Have you ever had any negative experience shopping online or do you have a favorite online store where you shop? Do share your thoughts and comments.
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