Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Fall Floral

I decided to wear this Chicwish skirt I purchased last summer again this week and the weather was cloudy so my cell phone pictures did not come out right but I decided to blog them anyway. (My blog is a personal fashion diary so it is okay to show case the good and the bad). I wore this skirt a few days ago because I gave myself the challenge to wear pink the whole week to draw awareness to breast cancer and I decided to throw this floral mix in. The sandals I am wearing are actually dark pink but they turned out red in some of the pictures. Also, it is my birthday on Saturday and I am celebrating every day because it is just so awesome to be alive. I thank God for his greatness in my life; I am not going to complain; I am blessed and I am counting all my blessings.

The weather has been somewhat mild here and it is not quite fall weather yet according to Minnesota standards...:-). I am going to get myself organized this weekend and get all my boots and booties together. This outfit would look good with some high heeled boots or booties too. Do you notice my coat is rumpled in the last picture too?

Skirt: Chicwish
Bag: Aldo shoes
Sandals: (old) Victoriassecret
Sweater: Victoriassecret


 I wish you great tidings for the rest of the week. This month is almost ended and we are at the end of the year; amazing how time flies...

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                                                                   Beauty Ojo

Monday, October 26, 2015

Teal and Graffiti Print

Hi Friends; I have fallen in love with color all over again. I realized a few weeks ago that I was gradually slipping into the fashion default color; "neutrals" so I made up my mind to consciously think of bold colors whenever I look in my closet. I wore this outfit to church a few days ago; the skirt is an old purchase from Target that has been laying around in my closet for ages and the top is a recent purchase from Target. Believe me, Target is doing so well now when it comes to women fashion. They have lots of stylish and good quality clothes for work and play.

Top and Skirt: Target
Bag: Express
Sandals: (old)


Does this skirt not remind you of some form of art? the fabric is beautiful and there was actually a whole collection of this fabric in Target at the time; tops, skirts, vests etc. very much overdone if you ask me. That must be the reason why I let the skirt lay around in the closet for so long; Sometimes, when trends get overdone, it can get quite overwhelming for someone like

I wish you all a great week; do not neglect to add a bit of meditation to your day. It's always a great way to start the day. God has been good to me; I won't complain and if you are reading this too, God is also good to you. There are many in worse off states but things do get better when we add more of "God" to our lives and schedule.

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                                                                       Beauty Ojo

Friday, October 23, 2015

The Coats of the Season

Coats of the Season

It is interesting that the options for fall/winter coats and jackets is getting very diverse, colorful and more beautiful than ever. Previously, it was more of the wool coats, trench coats, bomber jackets and the faux fur jackets; these days however, the sleeveless coats, duster coat, blanket cape and biker/moto jackets are becoming staples in our wardrobe. While the main focus is to get warm, being stylish, trendy and beautiful is a reason to indulge in this trends. It is great too that so many stores and outlets are catching on and filling their racks up with colorful and stylish winter outer wear.

While it is okay to buy trendy pieces when you have the means to during the regular season, another way to get good deal and discount is to wait for the end of season sales in the late spring and early summer. Also, I found out that you can score some good pieces when you look around vintage, consignment and thrift stores. Good old dry cleaning always pay off when you find great second hand pieces.


Do you think it is worth it to have so many options for fall/winter coats or you wish we should rather just stay with our standard and classic wool coats, pea coats and tweed coats?

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                                                                                        Beauty Ojo

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Fringe it..

When I first noticed that the fringed trend was on this fall, I had mixed reaction or a love and hate reaction to it. First of all, I felt the trend was too bohemian and should be left alone in the sixties or seventies where it belongs; then I changed my mind when I started to see fringed booties and shoes. This pair I am wearing here was purchased at Zulily and it was my first time of shopping at this store and I would say that I had an amazing experience with this online store. All the items I purchased were affordable and of very good quality.

Now back to this outfit; I decided to pair this fringed sandals with my thrifted tassel belt and this grape color dress I purchased from TJ Maxx years ago. I threw in my multi strand necklace I purchased from DSW. I realized that the look was a little heavy and decided to take out the earrings. The weather was very nice a few days ago when I wore this outfit so I did not need a jacket when I went out.

Necklace: DSW
Dress: T. J Maxx (old)
Belt: thrifted
Bag: old
Shoes: Zulily


I do not know how long the fringed trend is going to be around but I am glad I was able to put together this outfit without breaking the bank. Trends come and go; let's see how long this would stay. Have you purchased any fringed item lately?
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Beauty Ojo 

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Stripes and Spikes

 Happy Tuesday; I'm I feel like I have been gone from the blog for so, so long. I have been posting pics on instagram and I could not put up these pictures that I took after church a few weeks ago. I just do not know how people manage multiple social network platforms while achieving a balance in their personal life. I'm still trying to learn how to create a balance.

I purchased this stripe dress from Loft last summer  and created a polyvore  outfit to style it that I blogged about here. The weather was not too cold on the day I wore this outfit so I decided to use a sleeveless trench instead. I accessorized with this red Express clutch for a pop of color and my spiked heels. Do you know that this sleeveless trench is a DIY piece? It had sleeves when I purchased it and I just took the sleeves off. I actually bought the trench on sale and since the discount was good, I decided to purchase two of them. I took the sleeves off of one to make a sleeveless trench and kept the other just as it is. It might not make sense to some people but I got some satisfaction from making the DIY.




Dress: sold out: LOFT
Purse: sold out: Express
Pumps: old Target
Sleeveless trench: DIY



I wish you all the best in the new week. Is the weather great where you are? Mine is just beautiful over here because it does not feel like the typical fall weather. It was cold a day or  day or two last week and then it warmed up again.
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Beauty Ojo

Friday, October 16, 2015

Shoe Lovin'

BCBG Generation D'Orsay Leopard Print Pumps

I have been making preparations for the upcoming weather and shopping has been a huge part of my preparation. I updated the kids wardrobe for school and threw in some cute little things here and there for myself This leopard print d'orsay pumps from BCBG is a recent addition to my shoe closet. I just can't get enough of leopard prints. It might seem like stripes have taken over  leopard prints for the moment but I think leopard prints will make a full comeback again soon.


I look forward to styling this pair this fall although I know my feet might suffer from the cold a little because boots and booties are the best shoe choices for the season. If you are interested in getting a pair, check them out. I love you so much for stopping by here.

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                                                                   Beauty Ojo

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Fall Cozy Sweater Outfit sets

Grey and black Monochrome

                                  Grey and black Monochrome by ojomrs featuring a fringe crossbody

Bohemian Monochrome

                                               Bohemian Monochrome by ojomrs featuring a kat von d lipstick      

Grey and burgundy are always  popular colors for fall and this fall is not going to be an exception. The combination of fringe accessories is going to make for very amazing fall outfits too. I am loving this two outfits above.

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                                                                         Beauty Ojo

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Red Circle Skirt


So, we all know that red and black is such an easy color combination to put together. One way to make this color combination fun is by mixing textures and silhouette. I am not sure if I like this color combo a lot but I decided to give it a shot when I found this red chicwish skirt on their website. I just like the volume of the skirt and the great pop of color. I wore this outfit to my friend's 40th birthday celebration a few days ago and I  am looking forward to wearing it again for the Christmas holiday.

Skirt: Chicwish
Top: old
Jewelry: Loft
Heels: Neiman Marcus


My black top here is actually a peplum top and I just like it when a piece is versatile. I decided to do a mix-match of the accessories just to add a little bit of interest to the outfit. What do you think of long circle skirts or the red and black color combo? Your thoughts are welcome..

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                                                                           Beauty Ojo

Monday, October 12, 2015

Walk in green

Hi Friends; happy Monday; I hope the day is going great so far. It is cold and windy over here in my neck of the woods. it was very warm and sunny yesterday and the weather was just warm and unbelievably beautiful but we woke up this morning to a huge surprise. I might not like the cold associated with the beautiful weather but I definitely love fall fashion. This cape-like trench has been in my closet since last year and I decided to get it out today. So here goes my first official jacket or outerwear for the season.
I scored this Calvin Klein trench coat from TJ Maxx at the end of season sale last year and I tell you the end of spring and beginning of summer is the best time to buy outerwear because there are lots of end of season's sales.

Trench coat: Calvin Klein via T. J Maxx
Denim: Target
Pumps: DSW




 Do you like military inspired look? Let's say "Yay" to trench season.
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Beauty Ojo

Friday, October 9, 2015

Code Blue: Chambray Dress and Plaid Shirt

Happy Friday friends, I hope we are all doing great; I had so much fun today in this easy breezy outfit. I love simple outfits and this chambray dress was my casual look for today; a recent purchase from Boohoo. And yes, I slightly lifted my "shopping ban" just to get a few items but the ban is back on. Also, I am aware that the holidays are around the corner so shopping is not going to be just about me anymore; time to start stocking up on those Christmas and New year presents now. I'll let you know of deals and sales on the blog and I'll also put up outfit collages for the holidays just to have fun.

I cannot express enough how much I enjoy blogging and coming to this little space to chat about fashion non stop. Thanks so much for stopping by here friends; I'll be making rounds on your blogs too to catch up. It's weekend; let's spend some time giving God praise for our lives, family and friends.

Denim/Chambray Dress: Boohoo
Necklace: Jcrew
Bucket bag: Jcrew
Sandals: Calvin Klein (old)
Bracelet: Target (old)
Plaid Shirt: Jcrew

Did I mention this is my first time of doing the plaid long sleeve shirt over the waist trend? I fell in love with this Jcrew plaid long sleeve shirt the first time I saw it on the Jcrew website and I started to do all kinds of styling in my head and of course this shirt over the waist thing was my first choice. I know the trend is so overdone already but well.. I'm looking forward to other combinations with this plaid shirt this fall. 'Wishing you all of God's special blessings in the new week.
Thanks so much for stopping by
Beauty Ojo 


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