Wednesday, November 7, 2012

The Closest thing to Peplum 3

The weather is still very nice here in the twin cities and the forecast for tomorrow is actually in the fifties for most parts of the state; loving it actually. This means we are going to have fewer months to deal with the Winter. Again, this is not to say that I hate Winter. No! I love all the four seasons. All are beautifully created by God to achieve a purpose.

In this post, I am wearing one of my lost and found peplum top over a khaki color cropped pant; very summery outfit in the middle of Fall. The burgundy color top was purchased at Macy's years back and I actually do not remember what store I purchased the cropped pants from. My gold color clutch is from Tj Maxx and a pair of dark brown Colin Stuart pumps to complete the look.

I like the mock sash on the waist and the ties at the back is very girly too. Now that I have recovered these peplum tops from my closet, (see peplum 1 and peplum 2.) I know it means big savings for me. I did not need to spend extra money to get this trend. Lesson learned: Take a critical look at anything before you put it away because you might have use for it the very next minute.

Now that I am done sorting my closet, I have to get back to the other chores on my list. More so, I have so much hours to put into my study too; a couple of essays and field reports to turn in in class in a few weeks.

                                  Have fun the rest of the week everyone. God bless and see you soon.

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