Friday, April 28, 2017

White graphic tee and black cropped Pants

                             Tee: shop Here / Pants: shop Here  Sandals: Here  / High end Here

 So, I have been wearing this tee a lot lately sent to me from the owner of Wear your Praise Christian Apparel and it is definitely one of my favorite graphic tees. I love a good graphic tee with an inspirational or motivational message and I would pick one any time over a plain boring tee. When it comes to casual style, graphic tees really elevate any outfit; wear them over denim, wear them over florals or any solid color bottom like I did in this pic. I accessorized with this red fringe sandals which adds more fun to the look and the red color really does complement the design on the tee.

The graphics on my tee reads: "Never underestimate the power of a woman who walks by Faith." The validity and truth of this statement certainly cannot be over emphasized. Prayers always work no matter how long the solution or answer might linger, the truth is that; it comes at the right time; God's own time. If you
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