Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Sweater and Denim

Well, it is not sweater weather anymore because Winter is fully upon us; we currently have about four to six inches on the ground in Minneapolis. I wore this outfit sometime early fall and the pics were saved in my blog archives along with a few others which I am yet to publish. I was enroute to the store on a Saturday morning and I did switch from the heels to a pair of purple flats after I took these pictures.


I am looking forward to posting some of my holiday looks on the blog soon. I had a party on Christmas day to celebrate my son's two years birthday because I had him on Christmas day 2013 and the party was a success. I am still trying to get some rest from all the running around I did in preparation for the party and also shopping for Christmas gifts. I did do half of my shopping online though and I chased the "sales" in the stores for the other half...lol. I hope your Christmas Celebration went well?

                                                                Thanks so much for stopping by

                                                                            Beauty Ojo

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