Thursday, March 26, 2020

Lavender Monochrome: Adjusting our lives to our new normal

           𐐑It's so obvious that life as we know it is definitely going to be different after this Covid19 Pandemic. The world we used to know changed very quickly right in front of our eyes. I pray that our lives return to normal as much as possible when this whole pandemic is over; that we are able to hold hands and hug our family and friends as before; be able to gather together to worship and celebrate and other wonderful things we are missing out on right now. However, I would hope that we keep doing some things we are doing presently even when the pandemic is over; like, keeping our hygiene up (washing our hands frequently) and continuously being aware of our environment with the hope of keeping everything clean and sanitized. Also, I would hope that we cut down on our frivolous waste and concentrate on things that are important. 

                                                                    Pants              Boots              Pouch Bag            

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