Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Fall's Wish-List

Fall's Wish-List

J Crew oversized sweater
$80 -

J Crew long sleeve shirt
$80 -

Iris & Ink denim shorts

LOFT red pants

Glamorous crossbody bag
$38 -

LOFT red hat

Floppy hat

Venus plaid shawl

Every Season brings about a life and closet edit; plans are made; hopes and dreams are re-evaluated and closets are rearranged. These are some of the favorite things on my wishlist this fall of which the most important is the Bible. We cannot exclude God's word from our lives. It's the .manual for daily living. Next in importance are those cute colorful felt hats; what a stylish way to keep the head warm. What are some of the important things on your fall wish list? Do not forget to watch out for my blog Giveaway.

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                                                                    Beauty Ojo
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