Sunday, August 19, 2012

Purple Multi and Mustard

This is a month of purple love...:) I have quite a few purple outfits in my closet and wore a couple of them recently. It was one of my friend's wedding a couple of weeks ago and purple and silver were her colors and she had requested that friends and family dress up in purple color outfits to her shower and wedding. It ended up being nice but a little too much or overdone. This is because purple is such a deep hue and should be used with caution when decorating or styling. I was not her wedding planner and did not see most of the decor until the D-day. Anyway, the day went perfectly well and bride and groom will live happily ever after...:) However, a little caution to the next bride planning on using purple or other strong hue like blue as her wedding color; Be very moderate when using the deeper or stronger wedding color/hue otherwise, the decor would look cheap and tacky.

Now let's talk about my outfit of the day...:) I wore a purple multi color dress I purchased from Tjmaxx a while back and accessorized with my Jessica Simpson purple cut-out heel pumps and a mustard clutch. A chunky necklace and bracelet completed the look because the dress neckline was a bit low. Below are pictures from the special day and yes; I featured my family here....

Yeah, I forgot to mention that I used a slim purple belt to cinch the dress..

I really do not know when this pic was snapped but figured it was one of the times I was running around or probably calling out to friends or family...:) It's not too clear but I like it..

Same mouth position as the above picture here. It seemed to have been the mouth pose of the day...:)

My gorgeous hubby and I...

My hubby is 6ft 3 inc. tall and I am 5ft 6 inc. but my six inches heels gave me the needed boost as always...Yay!!!...:)

Thanks for meeting my family. See you soon...I'm off to church!

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