Friday, April 5, 2013

Cobalt and Print

Hi everyone in Blogs ville. From the background of my pictures, you can tell that the big thaw has started. The snow pile in my driveway has reduced a great deal and the weather is now bearable. Finally Spring is here and all the layers of clothing have started to come off. It feels good to step out of the house in just a blazer as an outer wear.

I am wearing one of the pants I ordered recently in my shopping spree at Forever 21 talked about here. The pants were a great steal at $9.99. However, they were listed as high rise pants but actually look and feel like harem pants. I paired it with a cobalt blue blouse, a black blazer and my ever so trusted patent pumps and I was good to go!

I am so glad that wearing of blazers is a trend that has come to stay because it's been right up my alley for a long time. I love to wear blazers with everything; dresses, skirts and pants. Apart from the edgy look blazers give to an outfit, for me most of the time, it is mostly worn out of necessity.

When you are very curvy and naturally endowed as I am, throwing on a blazer over your outfit can pull your look together and keep everything modest. I bless God for endowing me with all the curves in the right places but if you are like me, you will know that a curvy body can get really difficult to style sometimes. If you decide to flaunt your curves then you will look too sexy and out of place in most situations. So, in order to be appropriate for most events, you have to keep everything in place. A blazer is a must at all times...:) I have them in colors of the rainbow and have never been able to pass them up whenever I shop.

I am still very modest when it comes to jewelry and I only put on stud earrings for this look.

                                                     This is how the outfit looks without a blazer...

                                         This is the "Miracle look" with the blazer on...:)

Cobalt blue blouse (Neighborhood boutique) online store here.
Black blazer: Old
Pants: Forever 21
Purse: Aldo
Shoes: Qupid via Burlington
Earrings: Avon

      Thanks so much for stopping by my blog. God bless you and do have a wonderful weekend.

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