Sunday, February 1, 2015

Happy February

Happy February Friends; I'm wishing you all, all of God's blessings in this new month. It's kind of cool whenever a new month starts in the weekend when everyone is home resting or worshipping in church. At least, we all get to pause and rest a bit before going back to work to start the workload for the new month. And today is super bowl sunday!!

Do you see some of my Christmas lights in the background in my pics?...Lol. The candy canes were frozen to the ground and we could not pull them out. Now, the snow is starting to melt somewhat but the forecast says we might have some snow this week so these lights would likely photobomb my pictures for a few more weeks.

In this post, I'm wearing one of the latest addition to my statement coat collection. I got this gingham long coat at the consignment store and I was so excited that it was in my size; a little large but it is okay. It is very warm and comfy and I would say it is a classic coat because gingham prints coats of this quality, length and cut are so hard to find these days and when you find them, they are usually very expensive.

I decided to go with a black and white outfit to bring out the quality of the coat and I wore my pigalles for a pop of color. I just realized recently that I haven't been wearing them that much and was also surprised to find so many pairs of shoes in my closet that I have not worn in a long time; not good at all..:-). However, I'm sure I am not the only lady that is guilty of this; I'm sure of that!

Top: Express (old)
Quilted Purse: Express (here)
Pants: LOFT
Coat: Consignment Store: Splurge here and here.
Shoes: Christian Louboutin Pigalle Plato Similar
Necklace: Walmart

So, I hope everyone is doing great? The new year has started rolling again but I don't care so much...:-). I will take each day as it comes while I remain focused on my goals and I would continue to count and dwell on my blessings. My attitude for the new year is to ignore and stay away from all sorts of negative things and people. I will only fill my heart with positive energy and I would continue to work towards my goal of giving back. We all have to make our little contribution one way or the other in making this world a better place.

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