Monday, December 23, 2019

Reddy for Christmas: The red Pantsuit

                   ᘓhristmas is here and it's my most beautiful and miraculous time of the year. When I look around, I see all these beautiful colors of red, greens, gold and lots of sparkle that instantly lift my mood. This must be why a red or green outfit is a no brainer for this season. There are lots of beautiful dresses; solids, sequins, tulle, glitter...that reflects the Christmas holiday season but then, have you thought of the Pantsuit as an alternative to a dress for a holiday outfit? Have you thought of a red pantsuit? Well, I did this year and here it goes...

                                        Here     Here      Here

Last Minute Gift Suggestions for Christmas

                                  One // Two // Three // Four //  Five // Six // Seven //  Eight

                  ᘓhristmas is just a couple of days away and you should be done with gift shopping by now. If you are not and you need a little help with gift giving last minute, consider these lists or gift guides as suggestions mostly because most things are pretty sold out at the stores by now. I like to give out gift cards instead of actual gifts because they are more convenient but if I was buying gifts, everything on here would be what I would get for her, for him and for the home. Happy viewing, happy shopping.

Thursday, December 19, 2019

Thrifty Christmas: Sequin Pouch Clutch

           y Christmas tradition the past few years is to go to the thrift or vintage store during the holiday season to pick one or two items to style for the holiday. Before I go thrifting, I make a list of the items that I need for the season and it's usually holiday accessories; beaded or sequin blazers or clutches. This saves me some money, I'm able to update my wardrobe with unique pieces and also contribute to good causes because some thrift stores are owned by non-profit organizations that give back to the community. Check out the previous blog posts here and here. A few weeks ago, I went to my local Goodwill Store to do my annual shopping and picked this greyish silver beaded sequin clutch which is very pretty and unique at the same time. I only paid $6.99 for the clutch! A similar clutch in the retail stores would cost $50 and higher

How to create a no fuss all black Outfit for the Holiday

              t's a few days to Christmas and the new year and this is not the time to be running around trying to find yourself an outfit to wear to a Christmas holiday event. The holiday is a time to be merry and a time to be with family and friends so, do not sweat anything if you do not have an outfit figured out yet; just take a deep breath and relax. At times when you are in need of a quick outfit and do not have any outfit in mind, just do the default outfit; all black. An all black outfit is very safe for any event. To make it holiday ready, think sequins, tulle and velvet

                                                         Here       Here

Saturday, December 14, 2019

Faux Fur Outfit Inspiration for the Christmas Season

            ᒣ love faux fur a lot and I don't know if it is because I live in a very cold state but there's just something about faux fur pieces in the winter time that is comforting for me.  I love to drape faux fur shawls and stoles around my neck in the winter time for some extra warmth as seen here  and here  and it also adds pops of color  to my outfits. I think I have faux fur stole in almost every color and fur do not have to be real fur to make your outfit more chic or to make a statement. Save your money and buy faux fur and check out my styling tips below.


                                                                      Here       Here      Here

Friday, December 13, 2019

The most trendy print of the Season

           եhe zebra print or tiger print is a major trend this season and you can wear the print any how and any way you want; coats, tops, shoes...The general notion is that animal prints pieces or clothing can be a bit overwhelming if not styled the right way so, it is important to find a balance when you are shopping for this trend. A zebra print coat can make a huge statement and elevate any style; just make sure you pair it with neutrals or nudes like in the collage above. This way, the coat is the main focus of the outfit and does not need to clash with other pieces. Add a touch of red to the outfit in the form of an accessory and you would achieve an edgy, glam look. Happy viewing, happy styling.

*Collage from @Styleboardcrea_ *

Thursday, December 12, 2019

Dressing up in Green for the Holiday Season: A Throwback Look

              hen dressing up for the Christmas holiday, the outfits options are endless based on textures; lace, velvet, sequins, faux fur, tulle, plaid....and then when it comes to colors, we are a bit limited as we mostly try to dress up in the season's colors especially when we are dressing up in solid colors. For example, most ladies would prefer to dress up in red for the holidays when choosing a solid color outfit that is not made sequins or velvet. Green is the other not so common holiday outfit color which is somewhat trending this season.

                                                         Here            Here

Wednesday, December 11, 2019

What to wear to a White Christmas Party: My Throwback Looks

            love me a white Christmas and living in Minnesota now for over twenty years, I have somewhat come to expect it. The few times I did not experience a white Christmas was when I celebrated Christmas abroad and a year or two when we only had snow flurries. With the amount of snow we have had so far, I'm certain we would be having a white Christmas this year. It's beautiful to look out the window on Christmas morning and see the blanket of snow all around; just makes the season so much special. This is not to say that Christmas is not special any where else; snow or no snow, Christmas is a beautiful holiday and it is the most beautiful and wonderful time of the year. And I'm not forgetting that the birth of Jesus (our Savior) is the reason for the Season.

"For unto us a Child is born, unto us a Son is given; and the government will be upon his shoulder. And His name will be called Wonderful, Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace. Of the increase of his Government and Peace, there will be no end..." Isaiah 9: 6-7 (Bible Verse NKJV)

                                                    Here           Here

Wednesday, December 4, 2019

Holiday Shoes: Sequin + Glitter

           եhe holiday season comes with different events and celebrations; Christmas dinners, holiday parties, end of year dinners and it can be overwhelming sometimes when we are not prepared for all the events as they line up. I'll love to share my own tip of getting ready for any holiday event without stress and it has a lot to do with shoes. Usually, I style all my outfit from down up and when I say down up, I mean; I style my outfits around my shoes. So, my shoes always come first when I am putting a look together.

Plaid Pants + Pouch Vintage Bag


            ᔑo Thanksgiving is done and now unto the next big holiday, Christmas which is my favorite holiday of the year. I am planning on putting all my holiday looks together this weekend; it's last minute I know. I did not do any shopping on Black Friday; got most of my shopping done already so all I did on Black Friday was just lounge in the house. I slipped out of my lounge clothes  later in the day to throw on this casual outfit and again the weather was bearable so I had to wear my beloved mules, haha! 😂


                                                  Pants                                  Pouch Bag

Holiday Gift Guide

               Թs the holiday draws closer, I will continually update the blog with Gift Guides and Gift ideas and inspiration so stay tuned on here. On our shopping guide today, we have another set of trendy and affordable gifts for the important lady in our lives who might be a spouse, a daughter, mom or a sister. This list is not exhaustive but inspirational only; If you have other affordable gifts idea to share, you can leave a comment below. Happy Shopping.

Shoe Lovin' - Brown snake print boots


             եhis Chloe python print leather ankle boots has been trending since summer and they are sold out in most stores and not surprising. The boots are beautiful to look at and has very interesting details. The brown color snake print differentiates it from the popular snake prints boots that has been trending for about two seasons now. The cut-outs mean that it can also be worn in the summer time and the shoe lace and buckle design makes for an edgy look or design. The fact that it is made of leather might justify the hefty price of $596.00 (currently on sale) but the price is still too steep in my opinion. To check out similar styles for much less, click here and here  and here.

Holiday Gift Guide

             եhe  holiday shopping season is here and if you shopping for your loved ones especially the ladies and need some guide or inspiration on what to get them, then take a look at the listed items on the collage above. My general rule of gift giving at any time, is to give gift cards preferably from a store that your loved one is familiar with. However, if you absolutely need to get a gift for someone, then consider getting them gifts that they would not only enjoy, but they would also cherish at the same time. Almost every lady would enjoy a new set of Pajama Shorts any day and this bright red set is very fun and trendy and goes well with the festive season. 

Neon Evening Dress + Floral Accessories

          appy Thanksgiving everyone. Thank you so much for stopping by here. I want you to know that I am thankful for you and I want to let you know that your support of this blog brings joy to my heart. Generally, I do not stress myself over the readership or stats of this blog but whenever I take a look at my stats, I find out that I always get views or readership every day. So, there are people constantly checking in on this blog though they never leave comments. So, if you are one of such silent readers of this blog, I say "Thank-you" and I want you to know that I am thankful for you.


                                                   Clutch                      Sandals

Purple Pantsuit + Graphic Tee

             թ urple is my favorite color and I cannot describe the level of confidence, joy and excitement that I feel whenever I wear the color purple. it's such a beautiful and regal color in my opinion. Some argue that the color is not meant for every skin tone and I say it depends on how you style it. I have added lots of purple color pieces to my closet in the last couple of months and I look forward to styling them piece by piece on the blog. This Outfit can be worn to almost any where with just the change of accessories; Church, Work, Weddings, Meetings...

                                                         Pantsuit                     Clear Bag

Grey Vintage Dress + White Mules

        o the weather has been very nice in Minnesota lately but this is not going to be for long because we are expecting a snow storm Thanksgiving week according to the Weather Report. I'm really looking forward to the Thanksgiving break; snow or no snow. The Thanksgiving Holiday is the official kick off to the holiday season but I also never lose sight of the fact that everyday should be Thanksgiving. A grateful heart opens the way for more blessings.

                                                   Mules                     Bucket Bag

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