Saturday, December 31, 2016

Final thoughts for 2016

                                                 Final thoughts by ojomrs featuring a black pen

Just when you thought I was done on here; another post! I promise this will be the last post on here for the year. Haha!! 😂 I did not want to close the blog this year without saying special thanks to some people/brands that have made a contribution to the blog this year. A very big thank-you to my blogger friends who continually check in here to see what I've got going on; you know yourselves sweethearts...**Kisses!** Also, a very big "Thank-you" to the businesses listed below for their awesome contribution. Although, I do not run this blog for profit or monetary gain but I do appreciate your sponsorship. Thanks a lot and see you in 2017.

Happy new year!!

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New Year's Eve Outfit Inspiration

Still looking for that last minute outfit inspiration for new year's Eve? These style boards here might just inspire you. The first look above is completely casual featuring a sequin bomber jacket and white sneakers while the last two looks are a little more dressy. I'm not sure if this is my last look for the year and if it is; see you in 2017. Happy new year....

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