Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Graphic tee + Gingham

Hi Friends; first of all, I want to say a big thank-you to all of you who stopped by to send me good wishes on my recent outfit post when I shared the mishap that happened in my home. Thank God my son is okay now and though we are still keeping a close eye on him, we believe that he is well and that God delivered us from a major mishap. We are all so careful now more than ever when we use the stairs; my house is three levels high and with very high ceilings so our staircases are pretty long.

Another good thing that came out of the mishap was "instant fitness." I stayed up the whole saturday night pacing up and down for most of the time and my body reacted to the unplanned exercise. I think I might have lost about five pounds from the stress because everyone around me noticed and told me so before I confirmed it on my scale.

It's been a little brisk in Minneapolis the last couple of days especially in the mornings and it did get brisk enough to require a sweater. I decided it was a good day yesterday to put on this graphic long sleeve tee I bought a few months back and blogged about here. I just love the message; such a sweet reminder on the importance of prayers.  I paired it with this gingham pant I purchased from Loft last summer which is currently on sale here  and I finished the look with a grey bag and this black, thick, ankle strap pumps. I tried to add some color to the outfit with my red lips but I do not think I was able to pull it off...:-).

Graphic tee: the_book_boutique (on instagram)
Pants: Loft
Pumps: VS Shoes (old)
Tortoise shell sunnies: Loft
Bag: Rossetti

Did you notice that this pumps are identical to the silver ones I wore in my last post? They were on sale at Victoriassecret website last summer and I decided to get the two pairs. I like the unique bold, ankle strap and the fact that they are detachable too. It's always great to have versatile pieces in our closets. 

Thanks so much for stopping by

Beauty Ojo

Style Muse-Yes she did!

I am so excited to be writing about my style crush again; Victoria Beckham. She is one woman I admire her fashion sense in the entire universe because she is always simple, chic, elegant and sophisticated at the same time. She does not wear tons of accessories either save for her sky-high heels and cute bags but wait a minute; that was then...

Victoria Beckham has been coming out a lot lately in flats due to the foot condition bunions, that she admits she now suffers from. She was seen recently in flip-flops when she vacationed with her family at Disney Land! Oh, yes she did!! The great thing though, is that she looks equally cute in flip-flops as she does in heels. This lady can do no wrong when it comes to fashion.

I love seeing  pictures of her and her lovely family and I just got excited to share recent pictures of her on the blog again. See the last post on her here.

Photo Credits: All pictures extracted from Google.

Do you enjoy VB's fashion as I do; do you like to keep it simple or you rather layer on the accessories? What are your thoughts on her fashion sense or her love for heels? I do love heels too but I always break up my look once in a while by wearing a pair of flats. Common sense is needed sometimes when it comes to making fashion choices...:-).

                                                                 Thanks so much for stopping by

                                                                            Beauty Ojo
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