Tuesday, January 12, 2016

New Year "Chic" in Green

Plaid Skirt- What to wear to work during the holiday week.

          Plaid Skirt- What to wear to work during the holiday week. by ojomrs featuring a matte finish lipstick

Party Skirt

                                                               Party Skirt by ojomrs featuring a blue skirt

Alice Olivia shirts blouse
$150 - oxygenboutique.com

Lanvin blue skirt
$1,770 - net-a-porter.com

Casadei pumps
$595 - shoescribe.com

Chanel brown purse

Chanel lipstick

Neon Evening look

                                             Neon Evening look by ojomrs featuring nars cosmetics

Lined coat
$1,080 - suzannah.com

Womens plus size jeans
$21 - newchic.com

Chanel leather shoulder bag

Nars cosmetic

Acne Studios green shirt
$215 - yoox.com

There is that popular saying; "new year, new you" and there is not going to be a new "you" without any effort(s) to make changes to your person. Some people try to achieve this at the beginning of the new year by laying down goals and resolutions to help them stay focused the whole year (and there is absolutely nothing wrong with it) but in reality if there is no action to back up the "list of goals," it ends up just the way it started; "a list of goals at the end of the year." For me, my goal is to pray harder and love God more and by doing this, I'm calling on God to give me grace to flourish in every area of my life and with faith, changes and miracles do happen.

So, this year, I intend to love God more, love and pray for my family and friends more and also to 'slay" when it comes to fashion...lol. And one way "slaying" (I really do hate this slang!..lol) or looking fashionable and chic in fashion is by infusing colors into our wardrobe. My color inspiration for today is the color "Green." I'm loving every piece in the outfit collages above. Are you a fan of the color green and how do you hope to achieve your goals this year? Your thoughts...

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                                                                       Beauty ojo

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