Friday, June 1, 2012

June Flowers

It is June the first and I believe Summer is already here...I just love summer! It is the time the kids get the much needed break from school, the period for weddings and various fun events, family gatherings, barbeques and dinners and it's also the ideal time for all DIYs and all those home improvements that have been on the to-do list

Another reason I love Summer is because of the natural beauty you see all around; the blooming of flowers and all those beautiful landscaping and yardwork. I just love flowers! I believe they are some of God's numerous gifts to mankind that deserve more attention than they actually get from humans...:)

Anyway, I finally made a trip to Linders here a couple of weeks back when I got tired of looking at the dried flower pots on the porch. I spent about $150 and came home with three flower pots and about fifteen tomatoes young plants which I transplanted into my vegetable garden at the backyard. I will share with you photos of how my front porch looks now and how it looked a couple of months back.

 This is how my front porch looks like now and these flowers are actually my inspiration for this month of June. I am going to put together some outfits based on my inspiration from flowers.

 This is how my porch looked like a few months back just coming out of spring. For a break down of how I put this vintage look together, check out this post

 This is how my porch looked like last summer. I really did not do anything different with the flowers this time aside from making them more colorful and bigger. I am in one of my casual looks and you can see more pics from a previous post I did in March titled: "A Sneak Peek of my style." (Check out my blog Archive)

Holding my little angel in my arms as we enjoyed the sun. It was the fourth of July last year and I tried to put some colors of the holiday into my outfit; blue and red. My deep red top is from Macys, denim pant from Fashion Bug and silver color sandals from Designer Shoe Warehouse (DSW)

Watch out for my next styling post for the month of June which is going to be titled "Flowers and Flare."

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