Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Color Block Blazers

                             Michael Kors                                                                            Givenchy

     Blazers, jackets and coats have always been a favorite style of clothing for me and I am so excited                                                                            whenever I talk about them. It is great to know that this style of clothing is a classic and it's a trend that will never go away. Blazers date back to the history of fashion and though it started as a men's wear; it quickly evolved into women's fashion too. Blazers over any outfit can make it go from casual to glam in a minute and they can go from the office to a dinner date with just the change of accessories.

There are some recent variations of the blazer that caught my attention and it is the color-blocking style. This style has been around for a while and a lot of designers have got them in their collection however, the recent trend of the tuxedo dress has brought this unique design out on the runways. They can be worn alone in a form of the tuxedo dress or they can be paired with some other classic item like a pair of trousers or shorts.


Narciso Rodriguez

Michael Kors


Elizabeth and James




Moschino (Vintage)

Robert Rodriguez



You can get them off the runway for hundreds of dollars or at the vintage stores for a buck. Another trick to achieving this style is by re-purposing old blazers. You can take an old blazer to a seamstress and have the collars altered with a different colored fabric or with some patches sewn on them and viola! your old blazer will look new again for this classic trend. Or, if you have a blazer that you really love and want to turn into a tuxedo color-block dress, you can also have the seamstress add on a complementary color fabric and when it is neatly done, you'll own your own style and piece and you might just have someone ask you "who are you wearing?" Such a question can be a great conversation starter to let someone know that they are special and that God loves them dearly.


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