Thursday, July 5, 2018

My July 4th Outfit

Hi Friends 😀 I trust you had a stylish and exciting July 4th Celebration yesterday. This outfit is what I wore at the later part of the day to attend Mid-Week Church Service. My Family drove to Wisconsin which is a couple of hours away from where I live in Minnesota and we spent some hours in the country, had picnic on the farm and did some sight seeing in Stillwater, a city on the Minnesota-Wisconsin border I had not explored before. It was a fun road trip and the kids had so much fun. For the trip, I wore a pair of distressed denim shorts, this striped oversized tee I purchased from Victorias Secret a long time ago and completed the look with my white sneakers. I changed from the denim shorts into this denim for Church and threw a blue blazer over the look. When we left Church, we ended up at a Family barbecue where we ended the day with great food and fireworks. How did your own day go?

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