Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas

Hi All, I am just signing in to wish you a merry Christmas. I pray you have a wonderful time with your family and close friends. Here, I am wearing a green color chiffon dress in line with the Christmas spirit and some neutral heels. I thought of wearing some red color shoes initially then decided to go with these nude heels. I was busy making sure everything looks nice on my Christmas tree when these pics were being taken.

The kids have been longing to know what kind of presents they got and they just keep asking questions on and on...hubby and I always tell our kids that Christmas gifts are from Dad and Mom because God provided for them. We do not believe in deceiving kids with all that Santa lie!

One of my friends dropped by last night with all these amazing balloon creation for the kids and these little penguins are my favorites. Some people are so creative! The kids were very very excited to get them and they popped a few of them already.

                          Thanks so much for reading and have a succesful and productive week.

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