Friday, June 12, 2015

Say What???

You know I love graphic tees if you have been following this blog for a while; and since fashion is a form of expression, why not take it further by saying what you mean on your clothes? To appeal to me, graphic tees have to say something positive. The hilarious ones are okay too but my favorites are the inspirational tees. What do you think about wearing a cool tee with the words "Bless me"on it the whole day? Well, I recently purchased these beautiful tees pictured and while none of them say "Bless me," they say something beautiful and much more. I look forward to showing these tees on the blog soon and I have styled each one already as you can see below.

If you are interested in these tees, you've got to hit instagram and check out "The_book_boutique." You'll absolutely love what you see. The tees  are of high quality fabric and the designs are so neat and beautiful; you can get them in short sleeves and long sleeves and Brenda, the designer also designs very cute kids' tees with very lovely inspirational message from the bible. I have been drooling over my tees since I got them and can't wait to pair them with a fabulous summer piece.

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