Monday, June 4, 2012

Flowers and Flare..

Hi beautiful readers and bloggers, It's another beautiful and glorious day. The weather is very "hoooooot" (hot) in the twin cities; It's almost ninety degrees today. Although I have this love for blazers but I think it's time to put them all away. This weather is way too steamy for this kind of outfit but I will pull one out once in a while when I feel like it!...:)

I have been wearing this red and black skirt suit too often lately but not to work though. I feel it is too dressy to wear to work and the fact that it is made out of stretch fabric does not really help..:) Occasionally, the skirt rides up on my thighs and I have to tug it down...:) However, I love the flares on the skirt a lot and that is why I titled this post "Flowers and Flare." The flowers on my porch in the background and the flares on my skirt..ha! ha!!..:) There are also cute little rosettes on the red camisole and I think the outfit suits the title of the post or the title of the post suits the outfit? **grin** Since I can't wear this outfit to work, it is just reserved as a "dinner/date" jacket that I whip out once in a while for a dinner date with my hubby or for a fun outing. I bought the outfit a long time ago and recently replaced the red camisole because the old one was worn out. However, I do not remember the store I purchased the three piece skirt suit from so, I would say it is a random purchase.

Have a wonderful week everyone and keep a smile on your face no matter the situation around you...Cheers!

Skirt Suit: Random

Clutch: Nine West

Red Pumps: Quipid

 It was very sunny and my eyes hurt...had to whip out the sun-glasses.

Red Camisole: TJ Maxx

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