Thursday, June 21, 2012

Flower-kits and Jackets..

Hi everyone, I decided to name this post "Flower-Kits and Jackets" because as I have said so many times before; I like jackets a lot and since summer is already here and there are beautiful and gorgeous flowers all around, it made sense to draw some inspiration from nature. Some of my earlier style posts this month also had some floral theme.

This oversized light blue jacket which I thrifted, is worn over a multi color Ralph Lauren dress and I decided to go without accessories because the outfit already has a little bit going on. Also, I do not do so well with accessorizing and I still find it hard wearing even my wedding ring. Moreover, Whenever the weather gets very hot, it's even worse for me to cope with accessories but since it has become a very popular trend, I'll gradually get myself into it. I wore this outfit to a friend's wedding and quickly took these pictures before heading out.

                                                    Light blue oversized jacket: thrifted

                                             Multicolor Ralph Lauren floral dress: TJ Maxx

                                                       Light brown patent pumps: Steve Madden

                                                          Multicolor floral Clutch: thrifted

                               I don't think I made a good decision by not accessorizing..

                    , I decided to accessorize with a smile...:)

                                             I hope everyone is having a nice week so far..

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