Friday, December 26, 2014

Holiday Outfits.

Formal Holiday Dress

Black dress

Givenchy blazer

Edie Parker evening handbag
$1,995 -

Michael Kors gold bracelet
$355 -

Antique jewelry

Yves Saint Laurent lipstick

Non Formal Holiday Dress

Alexander McQueen dress

Emilio Pucci ankle boots

Valentino leather purse

Astley Clarke moonstone earrings
$5,440 -

MAC Cosmetics red lipstick


Yes, Christmas is over but the New year holiday is just around the corner and we still have to dress up for it. Sparkly and sequin embellished outfits are very perfect for this holiday but if you are dressing up for that new year party where you want to stand out or you just want to glam up for the holiday, you might get inspired by the outfits above. There is no lace or sequins or sparkles in the dresses but the touch of red certainly does give the air of sophistication.

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A little bit of Sparkly

Witchery top
$65 -

Victoria Beckham wool jacket
$2,270 -

Manolo Blahnik patent pumps

Shourouk necklace

Cushion cut ring

Burberry lips makeup

Bobbi brown cosmetic

                                               The Unconventional Holiday Outfit.

Can I have that Victoria Beckham's wool jacket and that high waisted pants? Also, I would like a pair of that Manolo Blahnik patent pumps and that statement necklace. Or, I can just give my list to Santa...oh, Christmas is over?..:-) I guess I'll have to give Santa the list for next Christmas. My Christmas holiday was so busy and so much fun that I didn't pay much attention to the time. Looking back now, I think the day went by so fast.

I had a birthday party for my son who was born last Christmas and it was indeed a double celebration. It was not an easy decision though picking what to wear. Initially, I wanted to do the traditional holiday outfit by picking a dress or an outfit with sparkles, sequins and red or black colors then I decided to do something completely different. I wore a white pant suit with a mint color blouse and there was nothing christmasy about my outfit. The decor and colors for the birthday party were also unconventional. Since Christmas and Santa were very obvious themes for a party at this time of the year, I decided to keep things really simple and that included my outfit. I do not have all the high end pieces in this collage that is modeled after my Christmas outfit but I had fun playing dress up and recreating the outfit. The only item that was conventional in my outfit was my sparkly metallic heels. I can't wait to show you pictures of how I recreated the outfit above just by shopping my closet.


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A very Merry White Christmas and a Winner.

Hi Friends, it's almost bed time now and I'm trying so hard to keep my eyes open but I would get my much needed sleep as soon as I sign off on this post. I just wanted to share some few images with with you. After we had a few warm days that melted all the snow on the ground, we thought there was no hope for having a white Christmas in Minnesota. However, low and behold, huge snow flakes started falling from the sky this morning and it was really exciting for everyone to see especially the kids.

If you live in a snowy area or in an area that has the four seasons, you can relate to what I'm talking about. The highlight of the whole winter season is having snow on the ground for the holidays especially Christmas eve/Christmas day. So, seeing the flakes fly this morning was such a blessing and it did not stop friends from showing up to celebrate our little boy's birthday with us. A few friends traveled to some place warm to vacation and celebrate the Christmas and New Year holidays but almost all the ones that were around showed up at our house party. It was a small dinner event and it was so much fun. Above are pictures of the outdoors earlier in the day when it was snowing  and a selfie picture with one of my friends. I'll put up a few pictures from the event later.

                                 The winner of the fragrance Mist and fragrance tray giveaway is;

                                                                        "Missy May"

                                   Thanks so much Missy for participating in the Giveaway.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas. I wish you all a very prosperous and happy new Year.

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