Friday, September 21, 2012

White, Red and Leopard Prints

Hi beautiful people, I took some days off from blogging because I had a very busy schedule and I wanted to make sure I met my goals. Blogging is so much fun but when you do it as a hobby, you get to it when you have the time...:) My Church convention just ended amongst other things that occupied my time. It was a beautiful experience and I am more charged to take on every situation. Like I always say, you have to have a beautiful communion with God each day in other to enjoy all his goodness and mercies. I took some time off to pay one of my in-laws a visit last week and this is what I wore..

A white crisp shirt from Coldwater Creek and red stretch pants from Express.

I accessorized my white and red outfit with some neutral accessories which includes my brown necklace I purchased a few years ago and my tan color Franco Sarto's handbag.

My Sunglasses are from Target, ring from Burlington and my wooden bracelet is from Target Stores too. I have had it for so long and wear it all the time with most outfits.

My Leopard Slingbacks by Vera Wang completed the look.

A nice smile is still the best accessory for any outfit any day...:)

I have not had time for a pedicure in ages! Pardon my chipped nails...:) When you are a busy Mum like me, you learn to be patient and thankful for everything. Yes, I do need a pedicure but I'll get to it when there is some time to spare while I thank God for all other beautiful things I was able to achieve in the past weeks.

I am yet to do a posting on my LIEBSTER AWARD NOMINATION which includes answering eleven questions about myself. One of the requirement is to tag eleven other bloggers who have less than 200 followers and that means I have to go visiting other blogs and check out their number of followers and I have not really been able to do that lately. Work, School and Motherhood keep me so occupied!

Thanks for visiting and reading my blog and thanks for the lovely comments you are able to post. I am always happy to meet other bloggers and like the excitement of finding your blogs when I click on your comments.

Take out time this weekend to go to Church and connect with God. He is ever faithful and always there to listen to us anytime. I love you all; God bless.

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