Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Summer Shirts

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Hi everyone, I hope the week has been great and we are all looking forward to the weekend with glee. It's already April; can you believe it! Well, April is supposed to be Spring time and we are supposed to have spring showers however, we're still dealing with snow falls here in Minnesota. We had some snow on Saturday and there is prediction of another storm by Friday. Hmmmm...**sigh**
Snow prediction or not; am not bothered by all that happens around me. My mind has already gone past spring to the summer...:-) I'm thinking of warm weather and ice-cream and shirt dresses...Yeah, "shirt dresses;" this is what this post is all about. Ladies' shirts have always been around but all of a sudden, there is a sudden buzz about them for this summer. I have always loved shirt dresses so this is a welcome trend. Above are two cute shirt dresses from the Victoriassecret website. And below are the cute body suit shirts which I absolutely love! I've got them in several colors and I wore the taupe color one in my post here. If you want to tuck in a shirt into a skirt or pants for the very formal look, you need one of these shirts. The addition of the lacy body suit to the shirt ensures that the shirt stays tucked in the whole time. **win!**

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Okay, I got to go!...:-) Thanks so much for stopping by and enjoy the rest of your week.
  Beauty Ojo

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