Saturday, April 11, 2015

Knit and Jean..

This is what I wore today to run errands around and if you think I look like I just rolled out from a time capsule; you are very right. I just brought the sixties and seventies back with this look. The pictures also give a mid century vibe...hehehe. My son took the pictures with an iPhone and I had no time and no intention to run the pictures through editing before uploading them so they are at their worst today. Also, the day was starting to get dark and we were in a hurry so we just pulled up in a parking lot and went snap-snap and continued on our way.

This knit top has been in my closet since I purchased it about three years ago from J. C. Penny and the denim's history probably dates back to the time of Well, the two of them decided to pair together today and I'm well layered underneath the top; thank-you!...:-). The weather is nice enough now for dressing up without the jackets but still  chilly enough to require some inner layering so, I was not going to step out in this knit top without proper under garments as I have seen some people do recently **eyes**

Knit top: J.C. Penny
Denim: old
Necklace: LOFT
Shoes: Target

Well, this was just a quick post today, No time for telling long stories like I usually do. And thank God this is a blog post and not a video post or youtube post because I have totally lost my voice though I'm fully recovered from the cold I had a few days ago. See you again very soon either on your blogs or here.

Thanks so much for stopping by

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