Friday, October 19, 2012

Closest thing to Peplum 1

So, it's been raining a bit in the twin cities since yesterday and it did not stop me from taking some pictures. Actually, I love to take pictures in the rain or should I just say I love to play in the rain; the little kid in me!...:) Check out this post from earlier in the year when I played in the rain.

So, the peplum top has been trending for some time now and I never really wanted to join in the bandwagon because I promised myself not to spend any dollar buying any new clothing item with an exception to shoes of course!..) My closet is bursting with clothes most of which I have not worn more than a couple of times. Therefore I decided to shop from my own closet for at least a year and if there are pieces I can not wear at the end of the year, then I can give them away.

Anyway, I was looking through my closet and trying to do a little bit of organizing in order to put my winter clothes within easy reach and I came across this top I purchased at Tj Maxx a while back. I only wore it about two times before I discarded it and now that I took another look, it kind of fits the description of peplum.

The dress has a wide elastic band at the waist which gives it the peplum effect and I paired it with a black skirt, a green nugget necklace, a Kenneth Cole Reaction Clutch and I was good to go!

I purchased this top over three years ago when the peplum trend had not even come to the runway and it still holds its place years later. I will like to say that I had a love-hate relationship with the top then. The reason I bought it was because it matched the new pair of Nine West heels I bought and though I do not think being matchy-matchy is a way to go but I loved the two pieces together mixed in with black and teal. Here are some pictures of the two culprits together.

So, before you run off to go buy that latest trendy outfit, take a deep breath and take a closer look in your closet and try to see how you can make pieces work together. And if you must buy a new item, do not break the bank. Buy a cheaper version or score some deals at a discount store and try out the look first to see if it looks good on you. You can then splurge on the item if everything looks good.

The weather was dull and gloomy and it seems my old camera had problem with the flash as usual but I enjoyed taking the pictures. Now I know what I want for Christmas **whispering** A good Camera!

Take care everyone and do not forget that a great pair of shoes pumps up any outfit. If you love high heels like I do, the higher the better...) and if you love mid-heels or flats, then go for dramatic details and prints.
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