Monday, January 23, 2023

Shoe Lovin'

       Is it too early in the year to share some fashion trends on here? I don't think so! 😆 I'll start first with a disclaimer that this post is not to encourage you to go shopping. Like I always say; this blog is for therapeutic and entertainment purposes only. However, it is a fashion blog so, I would always share fashion trends and style inspiration on here, but this is not a sponsored content or affiliate links marketing post so don't feel compelled to check out the links. Now, that we have got this disclaimer out of the way, can we talk about the sparkly shoe trend of 2023?

Sunday, January 22, 2023

How to be successful this year, 2023

       Happy new year Friends!  I wish you a very happy new year. It is never too late for good wishes. 'like I said in my previous post, do not adjust your screen because you are looking at pictures with holiday decor. This is still 2023! Haha!! 😂 I am not trying to take us back to 2022. These are just old pictures and if you read the previous post, you will understand the intention. We are not stressing over anything this year. We are going to do what we want 😀

Sweater     Pumps

Tulle Skirt as Dress - Outfit on Repeat

       Please, do not adjust your phone or computer screen or glasses if you are wearing a pair 😁 Happy new year! Yes, this is January, 2023 and not December 2022. It's a sort of throwback -post on the blog today. First of all, I hope your new year is going great so far. Thank you so much for stopping by here. I wish you all the best in this new year, 2023 💯

Wednesday, December 21, 2022

Gift Guide for Him - Part One


Puffer Coat / Gloves / Emoji Clogs / Grooming Kit / Cologne / Eau de Spray / Jug / 3 - Pc Set / 

        'Still looking for gift ideas for the holiday? This Guide is for the special guys in your life; spouse, sons, nephews or even co-workers. We spend so much time talking about women's fashion and style on the Blog the whole year and it's that time of the year to show some love to the men. The items on this Guide are from Macys and this Guide is mainly for inspiration on what to gift as you can find similar items in various price points with other retailers. Happy shopping.

Tuesday, December 20, 2022

DIY Christmas: How to achieve a stress-free holiday season

       It's Christmas season again, five days to Christmas to be exact; the beautiful season of giving. We know this is the season of love and of family and of friendships and connections. As we plan the parties and events, let's do everything we can to take the stress out of the season and that is the purpose of this blog post; it's a gentle reminder that we need to take things easy plus some tips on how to do it.

Friday, December 2, 2022

December Shopping Guide


                                  One / Two / Three / Four / Five / Six / Seven


       It's the last month of the year and this means gift giving season. As always, there is always something I want every season and these pretty little things would be appreciated by any lady on your Christmas shopping list. If you do not want the same exact things on the list, just think of it as a shopping guide; think earrings or jewelry for daughters, nieces, girlfriends or Mom or a pair of trendy heels for yourself. Happy viewing, happy shopping.

Saturday, November 12, 2022

How to style: Multi color Sweater (Part One)



     I have a newfound love for colorful sweaters and cardigans, and it's been fun styling them virtually and in person. Colorful sweaters are very versatile when it comes to styling; just pick a color from the graphic print on the sweater for the bottom piece which can be a pair of shorts, pants, dress or skirt depending on the occasion and you are good to go. check back for the restyling of this cute cardigan and check a previous styling of a similar sweater here.

Thursday, November 3, 2022

Shoe Lovin' - Metallic Boots



       The holiday season is officially here, and we can say that sparkle season has already began. Metallic, sequin or embellished shoes is part of holiday outfit usually and it is even more so this season. However, the focus has shifted slightly from metallic or sparkly pumps to sparkly boots and booties. And the style can vary from dress boots to western boots to even chelsea boots. Whatever sparkly shoe wear you choose to wear this season, just have fun with it. Thanks so much for reading.

Friday, October 28, 2022

The number one skirt i am wearing right now


        Texture, texture, texture...that is what fall fashion is all about; talk about knits and leather, cashmere and faux fur and then denim. However, when we talk about denim this season, we are not talking about the pants. Denim this season is all about the denim skirt and I am not mad about it! 😂

Skirt     Boots

Saturday, October 22, 2022

Neutral sweater + black denim


        It's sweater weather again and I am excited for this weather every year as always mostly for the beauty of life which is reflected in the beauty in nature and beautiful weather and fun fashion. I have already done my closet edit and my sweaters and knits are all ready to go. The weather has been great in Minneapolis so far and it's just great 💯

                                             Sweater         Heels

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