Saturday, March 16, 2013

Easter Count down!!

Easter Dress

Easter Dress by ojomrs featuring a single breasted jacket

Created by Beauty on Polyvore

Louche green dress
$83 -

Valentino single breasted jacket
$205 -

Fendi tall shoes
$755 -

Alexander mcqueen

Woven belt
$145 -

  The color GREEN symbolizes life and growth and what other way to celebrate Easter (which is coming up) than to wear a green dress accessorized with brown and yellow accessories. Very, very festive! Let the COUNT DOWN begin!!


Houndstooth Chic!

Hounstooth Chic!

Hounstooth Chic! by ojomrs featuring a wool jacket

Created by Beauty on Polyvore

   I have been in love with the color yellow for sometime now and I'm sharing this beautiful ensemble I created on Polyvore some weeks ago. Very vibrant and chic; it reminds me of Summer sans the houndstooth jacket. I can't wait to re-create this look!


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