Sunday, June 21, 2015

Brush Strokes..

Happy Sunday Friends; the summer heat is here. It was so hot today that I was so puzzled on what to wear to beat the heat. I finally picked this white plain tee but the fabric was so light and sheer and my undergarments were showing so I had to layer a tank top underneath. I paired it with this multi color midi skirt that has such a beautiful print of a landscape. Yes, "Artsy Print" is the print that is really trending right now. On this skirt you can see all the beautiful brush strokes of a carefully painted landscape; how awesome. If you remember, this skirt was on my Eshakti list a while ago when I hosted my Giveaway.

I fell in love with the skirt when I saw it on the Eshakti website but it was not part of the free selection for bloggers review so I could not pick it at the time. I had to purchase it on my own later along with another gorgeous red lace dress. I paired the skirt with my blue cobalt pumps and this multicolor necklace I got from Walmart last year. I was able to beat the heat in this outfit and I know I will be recycling this skirt again this summer.

Tee: Victorias Secret
Skirt: Eshakti sold out similar
Shoes: sold out
Necklace: Walmart

I hope you have got your summer wardrobe ready if you are reading this post; tees and light skirts are a must-have for the summer heat. This is one way I would wear a tee without looking too casual.  I wish everyone a great week.

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