Thursday, April 27, 2017

Shoe Lovin' - Badgely Mischka Pumps


So, it's another shoe loving post on here and being that the celebration season is here; prom, graduations, weddings...I figured I'll talk about this beautiful grey satin pumps I have been eying for a while. They are designed by Badgely Mischka and as with all Badgely Mischka shoes, they are heavily embellished with crystals and really beautiful. They are definitely not everyday shoes.

Yours sincerely here *eemmm* (clears throat) definitely do not mind having a pair of these shoes as they are moderately priced compared to the higher end Manolo Blahnik pumps but I'm still struggling with the idea of spending so much money on a pair of shoes that can mainly be worn on special occasions especially when I do not have a prom or graduation or even a wedding in sight; *haha!* 😀
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