Monday, July 2, 2018

Black Sheath Dress + White Shoes

Happy Monday everyone. I'm sure you are all ready for the July 4th celebration if you live in the United States. I'm so ready for the holiday and also a vacation. I'm actually planning on taking another leave of absence from the blog sometimes called "Blogcation"haha! 😌 I need some time off to spend with my kids and hubs and time for myself also. The good news is, I have lots and lots of pictures in my Blog Archive that I have never blogged before so I'm going to see if I can schedule some posts here and there while I am away. The difference would be that I would not be able to write long text to accompany the posts or might not be able to do the "Shop Similar Looks" links or even publish or reply to comments. Don't be surprised to find posts that were published retroactively too. And by this I mean that, you might check in and don't find any posts and then you check in at a later time and find the blog fully updated. My blog is my Fashion Journal and I can upload pics at any time. So, keep checking in and thanks a lot for your support.

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