Sunday, March 10, 2013

Do not be deceived...

Yeah, do not be deceived because a lot of times looks can be deceiving. Some things might look pretty on the outside while the insides are gross, some people look all cute and great on the outside but on the inside they are not that great and their personality is zero. sometimes you might look in your closet and think you've got nothing to wear until you make a mess and reach into nooks and crannies that you have not looked into before and then you find all the lost treasures...

Okay, enough of the soliloquy. Some of the items in these outfits; my jacket and shoes are discovered treasures. I have had them a long time and the mustard jacket is actually my first ever thrifted jacket. I was reorganizing my closet a few weeks ago and suddenly stumbled upon them and remembered that I had not worn them in a while. So the weather forecast was in the forties today and I was like; "yeah, I can pair my mustard jacket with my black ankle pants in order to high light this my mustard suede heels."

The outfit turned out well and everything but it was freeeezzzing! The temperature is in the upper thirties but definitely still too cold for ankle pants. It was very windy too and the wind certainly brought down the chill. So, you see...looks can certainly be deceiving...:) Now I know it's still too early to wear some certain items and I'm just going to keep on enjoying my winter gear until it's really time to beak out the summer items.

I hope everyone is having a great Sunday and I hope you took time out to [spend] time with God and family. It's good to be all glammed up and stuff but we also have to work on our insides; the inner man. Let's make the world a better place and let's continually give God the praise.

Thanks so much for reading. I enjoy reading your thoughts and comments and it's great finding other amazing bloggers. So, leave me a trail by leaving a comment and I'll pay you a visit. **Kisses!**

Jacket: thrifted
blouse: Neigborhood boutique (here)
Pants: Tj Maxx
Shoes: DSW
Necklace: Palm beach
Ring: Burlington
Bag: Jessica Simpson
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