Thursday, August 16, 2012


Jackie 'O by black halo...

Jackie 'O by black halo sheath dress: Front View

Jackie 'O by black halo dress: Back View
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Tyra Banks in Jackie 'O.
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They are structured cap-sleeve dresses and they come in various yummy beautiful colors with a slim belt to cinch the waist. "The Jackie 'O by black halo dresses! They need no introduction.

These cool beautiful dresses retail for over $300 and have been on the scene for a while now. They even come in patterns too but I like the solid colors best. I also love the length of the dress because it is so modest and was specially thrilled to notice that TV. personalities that have been spotted wearing the dress actually felt comfortable with the length.

I really would have loved to get myself one in a beautiful deep rich color but the only snag is that the top part of the dress is so revealing especially under the arms. It makes me wonder where I can actually wear the dress. I can not wear it to church, never to work but maybe to dinner with hubby?...:) It would be a "No-No" to have a shawl or a scarf over the shoulders because that is actually where the beauty of the dress lies; the slightly flared neckline.

I'll see how long this dress is going to be on the scene while I try to figure out places I can wear it to without appearing "inappropriately dressed." Do you like this dress?

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