Wednesday, February 18, 2015

DIY Faux Fur Snood

I would say again "It is freeezzzzing" over here in Minneapolis and along with the single digit temperatures, the wind chill is predicted to be in the negative teens tomorrow and such low temps wind chill makes it even colder as it already is. Our high temp for today was just 0 degree fahrenheit and I was bundled up and layered like an onion as I headed out the door this morning.

As I lay down to relax after my dinner, I figured it might be a good day to do a blog post on a recent DIY snood that I made for my christmas outfit. I took pictures as I worked on my fabric and saved them for this post. It's my first DIY blog post or pictorial so pardon me if I am not so exact with measurements and descriptions.


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                                                                                                      DIY SNOOD

1. I got half a yard of black color faux fur fabric from the fabric store (about $49.99 a yard at my local fabric store) and I just spread it out on a table.
2. I used a soft brush lightly on it in a straight direction to get rid of the excess fibre and other FM (foreign material) from the edges of the fabric.

3. I flipped the fabric over and examined it properly to make sure there were no holes or snags of any sort then I got my needle and thread ready.

 4. I flipped one edge of the fabric over to the middle of the fabric.

5. I continued to fold that edge of fabric till I had it half way to the middle straight across to the end of the fabric.

6. I flipped the other half of the fabric over to the middle too and used a needle and thread to sew the two ends together in a straight line from one end of the fabric to the other.

7. This is what the fabric would look like after sewing it straight across; you can then join and sew the two ends together.

8. This is the final product; it should be loose enough to go over your head and snug enough to give a good fit around your neck. So, just make adjustments based on your fabric and head/shoulder measurements. I made mine based on my fabric and did not use head/shoulder measurements. Also, I used the entire half yard of fabric for it and only took of about three inches when it was too loose then I just sewed the ends together again. If you are in the arctic region and dealing with all the cold and snow this winter, please,  stay warm, safe  and fabulous.

                                                                      See full Post of the outfit here.

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