Friday, April 12, 2024

How to style a chic and effortless look this Spring


        Spring is the season for transition fashion outfits and that means it's time to ditch those heavy winter coats for a light jacket and this change of wardrobe between seasons does not mean that we have to lose our style. We can still look chic and effortless when we style the right pieces in our wardrobe. You can check out the pieces below;

The Trench Coat: The first transition style essential piece that I would recommend is a trench coat. We all need a trench coat in our closet. If you are just starting out building your wardrobe, consider getting a trench coat in a neutral color like beige, brown or black. It goes well with almost any outfit combination. You can throw a trench coat over any style of outfit, be it casual or formal based on the color and style of the trench coat that you get. You know there are different styles of trench coat right especially when it comes to comes to length? Check out  my YouTube Video here.  A classic style in a neutral color trench coat is always a safe bet any time. So, get yourself a trench coat irrespective of where you live; whether Florida or Arizona. You would always have the need for it.

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