Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Tan Monochrome

Blouse: Loft / Pants: Loft / Coat: old / Pumps: VS shoes (old)

Hi Friends, I hope everyone is doing great. It is starting to warm up really fast over here; "Yay" to Spring! I wore this look to church a couple of Sundays ago when it was still cold. My oversized camel color coat is the warmest ever and I was so comfortable; I almost did not want to take it off; however, it is a little bulky and heavy. I took these pictures quickly in a corner of the church building; my new location I just found; It can be a hassle scouting for places to take blog pictures. I am just glad that my son is always a good sport and never complains when it is time to snap a pic or two. I'm wishing everyone who is reading this post all of God's blessings in the new month of March and always.

                                                               Thanks so much for stopping by

                                                                          Beauty Ojo

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