Thursday, January 7, 2016

Happy new year and 2015 Summary

Happy new year Friends; it's been a while...:-) thanks to everyone who dropped by to leave messages on my last post. I pray that this year be the best ever for everyone. I was supposed to have this post up at the end of December but never got to it. I was just too busy last minute just like a lot of people. I know Christmas celebration is for everyone but when you are surrounded by lots of kids then you know that Christmas celebration is extra special and I got a little exhausted by the time all the parties and celebrations got done.
I'm glad to be back in Blogland and like I said this post is overdue, So here goes all the outfits that I wore at the later part of 2015; from August to December. Like I always say too, I'm not a fashionista or fashion stylist or expert but a mom who likes to have fun with fashion and consider fashion blogging a hobby. If anything; I think I did well by making my outfits more colorful and diverse.







Wishing everyone a fabulous. colorful, fun and prosperous 2016.
Thanks so  much for stopping by
Beauty Ojo
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