Monday, May 14, 2018

Yellow shorts suit + Polka dots

Happy Monday Friends; I hope you had a great Mother's day celebration. Mine was beautiful with lots of love and presents 😉 Hubs got me a cute designer bag and it is actually the second one I am getting from him so it looks like someone is trying to turn me into a "Bag Lady" hehehe 😆 The straw bag I'm carrying in this pic was gifted to me by my older Sis. over 8 years ago when straw bags were not even a thing and I am glad I took good care of it. It will certainly be in constant rotation this spring and summer. The short suit I have on here are separates and you can tell from the pictures that they are different shades. This is actually the way I like to style my suits and it's quite affordable for me too. I got the blazer from a thrift store for about $7 years ago and got the shorts from JCrew clearance sale for about $9 dollars a while back so you can see that this suit is less than $20. The
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