Monday, September 28, 2015

Polka Dotty...

Happy Monday Friends; this post is going to be short and chic!...:-). I had a very busy weekend; I attended a baby dedication party on Saturday and it was a lot of fun and on Sunday, I wore this polka dots outfit to church along with this Sophia Webster pumps that I purchased at the beginning of the summer and blogged about here. I would have loved to say more about this outfit and how polka dots print is so classy and blah! blah!! blah!!! but I won't say no more. Polka dots is so overdone already! I know you'll agree with me. Now, let's talk about something else...:-).

Blouse: Nordstrom rack
Skirt: Macys
Earrings and bracelet: Jcrew
Pumps: Sophia Webster


 I stopped by at the farmers market on Sunday after church and I was actually surprised that there was a farmer's market open on Sunday. I never knew about it until my friend mentioned it and we went there together. I just decided to take the pictures at the market on the spur of the moment and I was actually surprised that no one really cared...:-). I thought I was going to get a lot of stares like you get from some people most times when you take pictures in a public place. Well, at the end, I went home with some memorable pictures and lots of fresh vegetables; haha! How do you react when people stare at you taking pictures in a public place? Your thoughts...
Thanks so much for stopping by
Beauty Ojo
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