Thursday, September 6, 2018

How to style the last days of Summer

Hello summer, please don't go! 😂 For one, I'm glad that though summer might have ended officially, (signaled by the Labor Day holiday and the students returning back to school) the weather is still summer; sunny and beautiful. I'm very glad that the nice weather seems to be holding out for u here in the state of Minnesota. We are a very cold state and have very long and cold winters so it is normal for Minnesota residents to hold unto summer and any sunny beautiful weather for as long as we can. And of of such residents is Moi, just sincerely ✋ I am going to hold unto summer for as long as I can kicking and screaming; haha! 😂 So, this post is specifically for me. There is not going to be fall transition outfits on this blog here until we see the dry leaves flying from the trees...LOL

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