Thursday, January 23, 2014

Layer like an Onion

                                                         Sweater: Deb Stores
                                                                     Black top: Old
                                                                     Skirt: Custom made
                                                                     Bag: Aldo
                                                                     Shoes: Victoriassecret       

It's super cold in the twin cities and we've been in the deep freeze for so many days this season. Fortunately or unfortunately, Schools were shut down again today for the third time this month. It's fortunate and a good thing that children do not have to be in school or at their various bus-stops under frigid temperatures and it's unfortunate that some parents have to call in to work or make last minute decisions for day-care and baby-sitting for the younger kids. 

I'm home on maternity leave and do not have to worry about a thing...:) I only have to think of creative and fun things to do with my kids. Also, I've had some spare time lately and have been updating  the blog bit by bit. The pictures above are some of the pics I took last winter and as for the outfits, it was all about layering. A lot of ladies do not like high-neck tops because they say they are outdated and not trendy and it's okay. When you live in cold regions like Minnesota, you might just need a couple of them in your wardrobe. However, whatever your fashion taste or trend might be, just remember to layer like an onion in frigid weather conditions like this.

                                                          Faux fur vest: Forever 21
                                                                     Black top: Old
                                                                     Skirt: Loft
                                                                     Bag: Aldo
                                                                     Shoes: Victoriassecret       

                                   Thanks so much for stopping by and do have a blessed day.


Beauty Ojo

Three or four times the Charm

                                                Untitled #51 by ojomrs featuring a woven basket     

Balmain black shoes
$385 -

Bangle bracelet
$43 -

Woven basket

                                                  cute-sy by ojomrs featuring a cotton trouser

River Island long sleeve blazer
$41 -

Victoria beckham bag
$2,230 -

Oval earrings

Black top
$110 -

                                                       Untitled #52 by ojomrs featuring black handbags 

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