Friday, June 16, 2017

Camel Coat + Denim

     Hi everyone, I hope we are all doing great. So, it's Friday, woot! woot!! This outfit is what I wore a few weeks ago. The weather was nice and beautiful and I was glad I did not have to wear a heavy jacket. I got out my sleeveless coat instead which I purchased from The House of Fraser UK. It was my first time shopping from the store and I really liked the price and quality of the sleeveless coat. I have since made a couple of other purchases from them. I paired the coat with a white top, denim, and mixed animal prints accessories which was very intentional. I had debated

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Blue off-the-shoulder-top + denim

Hello Friends; another quick post here on how I styled my yellow fringe sandals. Blue and yellow complement each other nicely and when you add white to the mix, it is even better. I loved this cobalt blue top when I saw it online because of the color and style and since it was very affordable, I ordered it. It took forever to get to me all the way from China and at a time I gave up on the order vowing not to ever make any purchase from any overseas store based in China. The top eventually got to me in good condition and

Monday, June 12, 2017

Smmer Dress + Fringe Sandals

Hi friends; happy Monday. This is post is on pictures that have been in my archive for a long time; possibly from last summer and I totally forgot to blog about them. Usually when I'm going out somewhere, I hand my phone to the kids and have them take a couple pics before we get in the car and most of the time, I just forget about the pictures. I recently did some house cleaning on my blog folders and found lots of old pictures. What a great fashion blogger I am 😂 There are

Friday, June 9, 2017

Green linen dress + a scarf

Hi friends; how is everyone doing? This is just a quick post here where I wore very old items from my closet or as people would say; shopped my closet. I purchased this lime green linen dress from TJMaxx a long time ago. I really love the beautiful color. The only downside is that it wrinkles really easily and as much as I love the beautiful color and simplicity of the dress;

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Yellow Pants + PomPom Sandals

Hi Friends, this might just be the shortest blog post I ever wrote because this outfit is very simple just the way I like it. I am wearing sun-shiny yellow pants to celebrate summer. I paired it with a "body-suit-button-down white shirt." I purchased the shirt from Victoriassecret clothing shop a while back and loved it so much that I got it in three colors. The "body-suit-button-down shirt" definitely makes it easy to tuck in shirts

Monday, June 5, 2017

Shoe 'Loving - Pink Mules




Mules are such a huge trend this summer and the bolder or brighter the color, the more beautiful and stylish it is. I love this deep pink pair from Asos It would definitely add a pop of color to any denim outfit and generally elevate any casual style. Mules come in different designs and heel height

Saturday, June 3, 2017

Denim Shirtdress + Pom-Pom Sandals

Hi Friends; this is another look on how I do I do casual style; aside from graphic tees and jeans, I totally love denim dresses or in this case, chambray dress. I purchased this from Boohoo a long time back and I love that is very comfy and simple. My only problem with the dress is that it wrinkles really easily and I don't like that. I paired the dress with this bucket bag I purchased from Ann Taylor a few summers ago

Friday, June 2, 2017

Purple Dress and purple sandals

Well, I was the purple lady a while back 😉 I wore this purple monochrome look and completed the look with a black and white floral bag. Purple happens to be my favorite color yet I do not have a lot of purple pieces in my wardrobe. I have owned this dress for years; maybe about eight years...🙈 and I just could not find myself donating it. For one, I am still glad that I can fit into it. So, it is some kind of weight control piece for me; haha! 😛 The day

Thursday, June 1, 2017

Gingham Pants and button down shirt

Happy new month; it's June already. Say yes to the beautiful weather we are having now. I wore this outfit a while back and since it is a simple outfit, I'm just going to keep this post simple too. A button down shirt is an essential in a lady's closet and having a printed pant which in this case is "gingham," is not a bad idea. I paired the look with this comfy block heel sandals that you can buy at any price point irrespective of your budget
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