Monday, October 16, 2017

Plaid Paper bag Pants + a Sweater


Happy Monday Friends 😙 So, this is just a quick work wear post of one of my favorite colors to wear in the Fall; grey. This time, I decided to style the color in two of the season's trends; plaid prints and paper-bag pants. I always like it when I can fit two trends seamlessly into an outfit effortlessly. When done right, it gives a very clean and polished look. If you get the styling wrong, there is that perception that you are trying too hard or as some would call it, you are a "trend...wh--e" or "label...wh--e;" without spelling out the whole word. The trick to achieving this look (two-trends-in-one) starts right from when you do your shopping. Always look out for that piece that can serve multiple functions or that accessory that can be styled in different ways. When you get that one piece
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