Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Wooden Heel

These photos; photos??? Do we still use the word photo?...:) Okay, these pictures were taken last week after two days of weather precipitation which totally caught us off guard. I am wearing a brown long sleeve tee with a brown faux fur vest and skinny jeans. The main focus of this outfit is the shoes and that is what I want to talk about in this post hence I named it "Wooden."

This shoes were my first pair of red shoes (and I think I own about nine pairs of red shoes right now or thereabout) I bought it from Victoriassecret on line and it was the heels rather than the color that drew me to it the first time I saw it. The wooden heels give a glamorous look to the red and I wish I had gotten them in black color too. You might be wondering why I chose to wear this shoes on snow  and the fact is that this shoes are actually made for tough weather like this. The weather wasn't too cold too and I never really went any where. So, let's say these pictures were taken for dramatization purposes only...:)

Our tough Minnesota winter which has several precipitation ranging from snow to sleet to ice is very tough on car tires, roads, sidewalks and also shoe soles and heels. The de-icing salt that we put on the driveways and sidewalks are also very hard on shoes and make them wear out easily. For this reason, I save most of my other shoes in the winter time and opt out for this whenever I need to wear pumps. The thick heels are very sturdy on slippery surfaces and the wooden heels along with the entire surface of the shoes can be wiped out with a soft piece of cloth. They also dry out easily and after wearing them on a day like this, I just wipe them and leave them in the bathroom overnight and the next morning, they are dry and shiny and ready for another show...:)
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