Friday, March 1, 2019

Spring Pleats

Spring is around the corner; about twenty days away but still closer than ever. There are so many things we can do in the next few weeks preparing for spring but we will focus on fashion here because this is a fashion blog. How about starting with this beautiful pleated skirt collage fashion/mood board? Pleated skirts have become a classic since they burst into the fashion scene a couple of years ago and there is basically a style of pleated skirt for every season. The heavier fabrics; suede, velvet and metallic pleated skirts are a big trend in the fall and winter months while the lighter fabrics and styles like the prints, polka dots and floral pleated skirts are a huge trend for spring and summer. The multicolor graphic pleated skirt is the statement piece in the set below. The colors in the skirt are a juxtaposition of dark and bright colors thereby making the piece appropriate for winter and spring. Check out the beautiful pleated skirt here.

This outfit set above can be referred to as a transition set; a cool way of incorporating two season's styles into an outfit. It is still winter but then spring is around the corner, kind of outfit. I paired the skirt with a black high neck blouse and a pair of sleek black ankle boots. The tan bag complements the colors in the skirt and the earrings add a pop of color. While the above pleated skirt is beautiful, it is very pricey but there are other low prized colorful pleated skirts that can be used to recreate this look. Check out some of the affordable selections below.

New in: Velvet Blazer + Cute Flats

In my last post, I talked about my recent shopping trip to Arc's Value Village and these are the pieces I purchased at the store; this blue velvet blazer and the two pairs of blue color flats. If you are not familiar with Arc's Value village, it's a thrift and consignment shop in my city that sells good quality pre loved fashion, accessories, housewares, furniture and books, DVDs and craft supplies. Since I have shared so much about this store in my previous posts here and here and here, I'll go on ahead and talk about this haul. So, I have wanted a blue velvet blazer for a while now and whenever I'm at the store, I head first to the blazers and outer wear racks and I usually find a great piece or two after sorting through these two racks. By the way, the store is clean and well organized and this makes it easy to find great pieces. I found the above blue velvet blazer within five minutes of being in the store and just in my size! The velvet was listed for $9.99 which was a good deal because it was in a great condition. I also got this two pairs of blue flats from the store and in almost new condition.

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