Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Blog Anniversary and Olive colors

Happy Tuesday Friends and happy 5 years blog anniversary to me. My blog turned 5 last week and I'm really happy and grateful to God that I'm still here doing what I love. This blog was started in 2012 as a hobby and an outlet for me to express my love for writing and Art. It was and has always been a personal (public) journal of mine and has been very therapeutic. I have grown better over the years and have made great friends through blogging. I have also learned a lot too. I am celebrating my anniversary today with a throwback to some of my unusual color combination posts; the khaki and olive color combo. And like I always say; I am not a stylist or professional blogger so, I am not teaching anyone how to dress here but just showing my own personal styles and how I have fun with trends and my styling boards or Fashion Mood Boards. I have also been showing my love for God and my Christian faith and sharing scriptures along the way which is very fulfilling for me.

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