Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Plaid Blazer + Patch work Denim

Sometimes I wonder what age ladies can stop wearing distressed denim or tight/skinny jeans. I'm in my forties and this pops up in my head sometimes. Well, I think of it whenever I put on this denim which I have had for years, purchased from Loft. In my opinion, I think it actually depends on how the jeans/denim is styled and the occasion or event that you are attending I love to style my denim with a blazer most times especially in the cold weather seasons. The plaid blazer is my favorite to pair with denim. It was cold when I styled this outfit and if you are in need of a casual outfit to wear on a cold day, consider this combination. If you have a date planned with your hubby or your friends, this outfit would work. if you are not into high heels, you can swap out the booties for low heel knee boots. I know there is so much excitement and hype going on right now about Valentine's day but it is not a holiday I celebrate and this is why I have not done any blog post relating to it. I believe in the celebration of love every minute, every day and every little gesture counts when we express love to people we care about every day; a thank-you note, a call, spending time together and going on special dates to celebrate special occasions like birthdays, anniversaries...everyone got to do this on the daily.

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