Thursday, May 31, 2018

Keeping it simple and bright: Pink pant suit + white Pumps

Hi Friends, we are going to keep this post short and simple because we are still talking about Pastels and it needs no more introduction plus the outfit itself is simple. I must say pink is my favorite pastel and it is no wonder that I have had this pink blazer for years. It is actually a thrifted piece and cost me less than $10 at the time I got it. I paired the pink blazer with  pink denim pants similar to this pair from Jcrew here. I get really excited when I am able to put together a complete outfit by playing mix-and-match in my closet and I have lots of pantsuits that I have paired together like that. Sometimes, the two colors are a little off and not a perfect match but it is still okay. Monochrome styling does not always have to be perfect. I completed the look with white pumps and a straw bag just because white pumps are the new neutrals and straw bags are just here to stay. Click on the links below for shopping info. if you are interested in this look and thank you so much for stopping by here.
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