Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Brown and black Polka dots style

The polka dots trend is still going on strong and while I love the trend and do not mind it, I still think that the black and white polka dots which is the classic print is now a bit too trendy. I love other colors of the trend like the white background with the black dots. The color combination I really love most is this tan background and black dots. The color combination is not so common and if you know me, you'll know that I love a different twist on a trend. J. Crew   really got it right when they launched this polka dot chino pants two summers ago, no wonder they sold out so fast. Other styles of this polka dots combination that I have seen online are super expensive like this pant here. The pants are beautiful but on the steep side. If I didn't get this pair from J. Crew before it sold out, I probably would have headed to the fabric store to find the print. Yes, if  you cannot afford it or cannot find it, try and make it. That is the new rule for the new year. Go, and just create! Check out my previous styling of this pants  here and thanks so much for reading.

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