Tuesday, April 2, 2019

Beautiful dresses to add to your closet from SHEIN

Easter and Mother's Day holidays/celebration are around the corner and it is time to add one or two pieces to your wardrobe if you can afford it.  The holiday sales and discounts that are present at this time, entices us to freshen up our wardrobe.You know how it is ladies; you wear an outfit to an event one time and you are a bit reluctant to wear it to a second event or party especially when you have the same circle of friends. If you are considering getting new outfit for the upcoming celebrations, consider shopping at SHEIN.

With stores like Shein, gone are the days when ladies would spend lots of money fitting their wardrobe with new essentials for a new season or the holidays. With just $50 today, you can get a good outfit (a dress) and accessories to wear to an event. The quality might not be the best; but surely good enough for a one time appearance when you are on a budget. And then, there is always the styling option of mixing high and lows. Below are some of my favorite selections right now after filtering through the hundreds of dress options. Happy viewing.

*This is not a sponsored Post.*


                                                                                Dress            Floral Dress


                                                                      Ruffle Dress        Lace Panel Dress

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